When is it time to have your hearing evaluated?

  • Do people seem to mumble or slur their words especially while in group or noisy situations?
  • Is the TV difficult to understand?
  • Do you ask others to consistently repeat themselves?
  • Do you remain silent in conversations in fear of responding incorrectly?
  • Do you have trouble hearing soft voices such as women and children?

If you’ve noticed any of these situations, call one of our offices to schedule a complimentary hearing evaluation today. We will conduct a comprehensive hearing evaluation to determine if you have a hearing loss, the severity of the loss, and will discuss the best possible options to treat the loss with your lifestyle and budget in mind.

Our mission is to deliver Professional Hearing Excellence to you the patient. Through our professional services, we will deliver on our commitment to serve you better than anyone else can. You may or may not have a hearing loss. By visiting us, you take the most important step- discovery.

Your initial office visit will include the following professional services:

A complete patient case history. Our staff will complete a medical and lifestyle, hearing intake. We need to fully understand your present needs, who you are, what sort of activities you are involved in, and address your immediate concerns.

Video Otoscopic Check

One of our hearing healthcare professionals will do an inspection of your ear canals using an electronic device which displays an enlarged image of the inside of your ear to a flat screen TV in our exam room.

Pathological Evaluation

Our hearing professionals will check for wax impactions or other unusual pathogenic conditions in the ear. We do not diagnose nor treat any physiological condition. If one presents itself, you will be referred to the appropriate medical specialist.

Hearing Test

A comprehensive hearing test will be performed in our sound-proof booth.

Best Speech Verification

Because you may be hearing sounds but not understanding words, a speech discrimination test will be conducted. At this time a second auditory protocol is run to confirm the benefit of amplification.

Family Consultation

The results of all testing will be documented and evaluated. One of our licensed professionals will explain the results in understandable terms.

We are not physicians. If we discover a medical condition or contraindication, you will be referred to a medical specialist.

Other services provided:

Custom Earmolds

A custom fit provides increased comfort and improved protection. We offer specialized earmolds for hunter’s, worker’s, musician’s and swimmer’s

Hearing Aid Repair & Cleaning

We are able to fix and repair all makes and brands of hearing aids. Even those that were not purchased at one of our offices. Repairs may be needed from time to time in order to keep your hearing aids working efficiently. Most repairs are able to be diagnosed and fixed in the office while you wait.

Ear Wax Management

An accumulation of earwax can cause hearing problems. Sometimes the ear produces too much wax which can become impacted. This can impair the ability to hear. We can safely remove earwax.

Walk in Services

Have an emergency? Whether you are an existing patient or not, sometimes you just can’t wait for an appointment. For your convenience, just call the office before you come and we’ll be happy to see you.

Patient Education

By educating patients, we are equal partners in your hearing healthcare decision. This means that you are aware of your hearing health condition and why it is beneficial to carry out certain treatment procedures outlined by your providers.