Welcome to Sailfish Hearing Center located in Jensen Beach, Florida and Sailfish Hearing Center located in Port St. Lucie, Florida (located inside the Eastport Pharmacy). Sailfish Hearing Center is privately owned, American, professional hearing companies. Care and Service drive everything done within the 2 locations. Two health care practices where the patient is their primary focus. Trust your hearing to us. We believe in the power of clear, accurate communication. That’s why we do more than just treat you- we listen to you. We offer real hearing solutions that fit who you are and how you live. Call today for a complimentary, no obligation, hearing screening and demonstration of the latest hearing technology.

The Core Values of Sailfish Hearing Center are Community, Product Quality, and Excellent Patient Care.

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Geoffrey Savett HAS, BC-HIS

Owner: Sailfish Hearing Center
Hearing Aid Specialist, Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences

Mr. Savett is a Hearing Aid Specialist and Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist. He has over 15 years of experience improving the lives of thousands of people with hearing aids, assistive listening devices, and other products and services. With this reputation, it isn’t surprising that patients have traveled from all over the United States to work with Geoff. His number one goal is to ensure your hearing keeps up with your life! As part of his commitment to excellence, Geoff will ensure that you receive concierge personalized care and, if he determines that a hearing aid will help, he will tailor the device and the fit to match you and your lifestyle. Untreated hearing loss can make communicating at school, work, and in everyday situations more difficult, which can result in a withdrawal from social situations and even depression. Wearing hearing aids may restore your ability to communicate effectively, leading to a higher quality of life. Geoffrey loves fishing, golfing, boating, and spending time with his wife Erin and daughter Frankie (and their yellow Labrador Bernie).

Geoffrey Savett

ReSound – The most individualized hearing solution for every patient.

With ReSound, you are always guaranteed a brilliant sound quality and strong connectivity, both without parallel in the hearing aid industry.

We pride ourselves on having a holistic approach to developing new products, meaning that for us, effortless hearing and emotional well-being are in sync with the quality and performance of the hearing solution.