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Hearing Aid – Sony Self-Fitting

Hearing Aid – Sony Self-Fitting


Included in box:
Jewel case with 2 hearing aids, Vented sleeves in 4 sizes (XS, S, M, L)
6 batteries size 10, Cleaning tools, User Guide, Safety and maintenance information, Flier for downloading the app, Warranty, 30-day trial money back guarantee

Self-Fitting Over the Counter Hearing Aids. Made by Sony.

Disclaimer: Over the Counter or OTC hearing aids are designed for those patients that have a mild to moderate hearing loss. Sailfish Hearing Center recommends making an appointment for a hearing examination, at one of our professional hearing aid centers, before purchasing OTC hearing aids to find out if OTC hearing aids are right for you.



Sleek and discreet design
A virtually invisible look while wearing in ears.

Personalized to your hearing
Use the Sony Hearing control app to easily set up and personalize your hearing aids.

Prescription-grade sound quality
Sony’s technology offers excellent sound quality similar to traditional hearing aids.

Made for your peace of mind
FDA-registered medical device.

Comfortable fit to your ears
The soft ear tip comes in four sizes that are specially designed to maximize comfort.

Easily controlled using the Sony Hearing control app
Control volume and sound quality all within the Sony Hearing control app for tailored results based on your needs.

Analyzes and optimizes sound based on your surroundings
The situation analyzer within the hearing aid adjusts sound based on your surroundings to improve listening experiences in environments with background noise.

Hearing aids work as a pair for better noise reduction and directionality
With Ear-to-Ear Wireless Link, hearing aids wirelessly work together to produce effective, high-quality noise reduction and deliver an optimal hearing strategy for your environment.

Battery-powered device
Uses traditional Size 10 Air batteries that offer compact size and high-quality sound with up to 70 hours of continuous use.


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