When patients come to Sailfish Hearing Centers and lean into us with their hearing healthcare concerns, we truly go to work for our patients. The team at Sailfish Hearing Center arrives to the office every day and we begin our day by “suiting up”.  We put on our Confidence pads, Courage shoes, and a Charisma helmet. We in no way leave out our Competence jersey and our Caring pants. The principle that we are offering the very best in hearing healthcare is apparent in how we behave. Competency, Caring, and Charisma are just some of the characteristics that are used when asking a patient to rely on us to change their quality of life. Hearing Healthcare Professionals are the value when it comes to the whole hearing aid buying experience. The reality is we don’t sell hearing aids. What we sell is better hearing, and ourselves as your partner, now and forever. The “increase of the commoditizers”- Over the counter or OTC hearing aids, Big Box companies, etc.- has not made the Hearing Healthcare Professional less valuable. We are more valuable to our patients. Sailfish Hearing Centers core values are Community, Product Quality, and Excellent Patient Care.  Hometown location, clinical excellence, and patient experience leads to the utmost satisfaction among most hearing aid wearers.

The best hearing technology in the world has modest useful value if it is not programmed to fit the patient needs by a licensed Hearing Healthcare Professional. Hearing aids need to be reprogrammed as those needs change and as hearing loss declines over time as it usually does. Every hearing solution fit at Sailfish Hearing Centers is a custom solution. We do not fit audiograms we fit patients. We sync ourselves to every patient. We listen to every patient. We model the features of your hearing systems. We keep it as simple as possible… but certainly not simpler. Algorithms, compression, memories, environmental controls, microphones… all of it is custom in providing the valuable patient experience as promised.  The best hearing healthcare professionals are interaction professionals who create customized solutions that incorporate both technology and nontechnical strategies. At Sailfish Hearing Centers we believe in long-term patient loyalty through the true work of Better Hearing.